Whit Maupin

Whit graduated from the Honors Studies Program at Greensboro College where he earned a B.S. in Business Administration and Management. Whit returned to Atlanta after graduating and started with The McGill Co in May 2016 as a Research Intern. As an Intern, Whit focused on property and market research. That position transformed into a full time Associate, providing strategic marketing and transaction management services for clients.

Whit is a licensed Commercial Agent with The McGill Co. Born and raised in Atlanta, he attended Henry W. Grady High located in Midtown. Whit has a deep love for his City. This solid commitment to the community helps guide him as he seeks to drive business within the city’s multifaceted culture while helping promote the success of local businesses.

Whit is an avid biker—wheeling around the City at a ‘line-of-sight’ enables him to really see the nuanced aspects of the built neighborhoods while fully appreciating the Beltline.